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6/20/2013 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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What are you working on?

Based in Liverpool, Demo is an event for people working on products and ideas. Showcase your work, get feedback and gain invaluable insight.

Demo is open to anyone with an interest in tech or products; Not quite there? Just interested in seeing what's up? Don't be shy; come along and join the conversation.

Hosted at DoES Liverpool, Demo provides a platform for you to:

Demos are brief 5 minute talks with a maximum of 10 minutes Q & A.

Showcase your work

Whether it's a loosely-held concept, new feature, simple website or a game-changing IoT product, get up and show the tech community what you're working on.

Offer & Receive feedback

Evolve your ideas and business models with structured Q & A sessions. Get feedback and gain invaluable insight.

Pitch your goals

Share your roadmap with the community and use the next event to pitch your goals against.


See what others in the city are working on. Offer-up feedback, contribute ideas and make valuable contacts.

Get excited

Start the cogs moving and get inspired to start your own project.

Enjoy a cheeky ale or two

Event organisers Tom and Matt will be providing a few crates of the Camp & Furnace's wonderful Brown Bear ale for attendees.

Things to send: project name & description (100 words max), If available: project logo, project url

Working on something? Submit a demo application

There is 1 slot remaining. Need a bit more info? Check out the FAQs, or drop us a line.

When & where?

20th of June [2013] at DoES Liverpool.

Who is this for?

This is for the doers out there.

Reaching out, but not limited to; designers, developers, marketers & entrepreneurs.

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