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Ideas and Beers II

6/28/2013 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

"Ideas & Beers" is freely* held in fine public houses & bars of Birmingham city centre to bring people together to discuss ideas over some creative fluid.


The venue for this event will be at The Lord Clifden, situated on Great Hampton Street in the Jewellery Quarter (5 min walk from JQ train station)

It looks tiny from the outside but trust me its like a Tardis with one of the best beer gardens in Birmingham. Complete with Ping Pong.


This event is 50% about the ideas, and 50% about the beers.

Apart from that rule, it has probably has less structure than an 'unconference'.

Simply sit round a big table with attendees and talk about whatever ideas are on your mind, or perhaps just listen to other peoples.

Maybe new ideas will emerge?

Nobody is going to steal your ideas (research has been done on this).

You're very likely to get valuable feedback, or perhaps find somebody to collaborate with. Sometimes the most valuable thing is knowing when to clear your brain and forget about an idea. This event will help.


To ask any questions about this event please send a tweet to @ukgav and if you don't have twitter, please sign up to twitter. It really helps conversations before and after events.

* The beer is not free (we might seek sponsorship in future).

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