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NTHU Startup Hub Launch Day

6/16/2013 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

With the Global Entrepreneurship in vogue, Tsinghua University students wishing to by their own strength and teamwork, hands-on campus to encourage entrepreneurship and implementation, so AppUniverz and Tsing Hua Incubation Centre will be June 16, 2013 at Tsinghua University Engineering Building organized " First Venture Startup wind Qinghua NTHU Hub - Launch Day ! ", the day will be" Tsinghua Venture Exchange International Society, "the inaugural meeting," Venture Silicon Valley Tour "set sail and" App Entrepreneurship and labs' results exhibition and other activities, access to the school and the industry response to support and look forward to starting from Tsinghua University, serve as "self-improvement, social commitment" spirit, expand Startup Hub in Taiwan campus.

"Tsinghua Venture Exchange International Society" originated in the creation of a group of students who embrace the dream, whose mission is to awaken Qinghua entrepreneurship, innovation and nurture students with international thinking and vision, with independent thinking and problem-solving skills that will assist the team rooted campus, based in Taiwan, towards internationalization.

"Venture Silicon Valley Journey" by AppUniverz students with clear co-sponsored an international perspective to foster entrepreneurship, to understand the current status of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial breeding ground to land ─ Silicon Valley, a one-month investigation of the visit, and then successfully experience back to Taiwan to share with everyone discussing.

"Entrepreneurship and implement curriculum App" by AppUniverz, National Tsing Hua University Department of Information Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Incubation Center jointly offered. The course covers the entrepreneurial thinking, user experience design, cloud services, business case analysis and marketing operations and other topics, the next generation of Xupei Yu enthusiastic students who have entrepreneurial spirit to fully utilize what they have learned, hands-on implementation ideas. "Exhibition" will have ten outstanding Tsinghua team showcase their creative works on topics including cross-border purchasing, game design, tourism and community life applications. After a lecturer with the industry's third-division instruction, and students' enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, we will witness a new generation of young Taiwanese power and infinite possibilities!


Date: June 16, 2013

Time: 13:00 ~ 17:30

Location: Department of Engineering Hall R107

(Large doorway left, a large lawn, please refer to below Tsing Hua University Campus Map Navigation)

Organizers: AppUniverz , National Tsing Hua University International Entrepreneurship Exchange Club, National Tsing Hua University Incubation Center

[Event Agenda]

13:00 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 13:40

Active processes and introduction of guests

13:40 ~ 14:00

Tsinghua University campus in Silicon Valley

Chintay Shih Dean Message

Message from the Secretary-General

14:00 ~ 14:20

National Tsing Hua University International Entrepreneurship Exchange Club Lanuch

14:20 ~ 14:30

AppUniverz Introduction Mission Valley visit

14:30 ~ 15:00

Entrepreneurship Keynote

15:00 ~ 15:20


15:20 ~ 15:30

App entrepreneurship and Implementation Course Introduction

15:30 ~ 17:00

Entrepreneurial team Demo Show x 10

17:00 ~ 17:30

Review Commentary - 5 minutes per assessment

17:30 ~

Presentation with photo


─ For " First Venture Wind Qinghua NTHU Startup Hub - Launch Day ! "

For more information, please visit:

─ App Entrepreneurship and labs:


(Taiwan Innovative Mobile Marketing Association)

AppUniverz is a clear cross-campus originated in the non-profit organization focused on smart phone applications and cloud services industry, the goal is to create the most praise on campus creation and entrepreneurial environment, looking for a technical execution (Technology Section) or entrepreneurial business planning (business groups) partners, together developing creative, hands-on implementation of innovative applications (App), heading the universe (Universe), so that Taiwan's new generation of young forces of social change , jumped the international arena!

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