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CoFounders Wanted of Seattle

3/21/2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Co-Founders Wanted of Seattle

Thu Mar 21

6:30 PM


12 attending

108 spots left



$10.00 per person

The Easy

511 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA (map)

Michael Hughes

Theodore Smith

Denise Draper

Matt Adkins

Konstantin Ignatyev

Ahsan Khan

Ashwin Jeyakumar

Samiur Rahman

Robert Elder


The purpose of this in-person Meetup is to help you find a co-founder for your business or help you find a business to join as a co-founder. In the mean time, you should get started networking with potential co-founders by creating a free profile on To make the most of your time, please browse CoFoundersLab.comand filter by... Learn more

Hosted by: Michael Hughes (Organizer)



Great Meetup and it really works. You can find or atleast meet real Co-Founder prospects. People with really Good Ideas/Deep pockets/Investors/technologists/Marketing and keen on finding a right Co-Founder. It is a great way to find your Business Partner and also a great way to know future successful Startup Founders/CEO's/CIO's/CMO's/CTO's and much more. Get on board and attend the next meeting on March 21st, Thursday @ The Easy.

Posted Yesterday

BB King

BB King:

Serial entrepreneur looking for .NET / SQL guru to lead v2.0 dev. Eastside office. PT/FT Possibly cofounder?

Posted February 21

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