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Inventors Association of Georgia IAG from Dreams to Enterprise with Jim DeBetta

3/23/2013 10:30 PM - 12:30 PM

IAG in 2013: from Dreams to Enterprise!

Are You Retail Ready?

Join us for Jim DeBetta on March 23, 2013 !

If success and personal guidance is what you are seeking, then let Jim DeBetta, a leading consumer products business advisor to inventors and entrepreneurs alike, help you reach your goals. As a highly sought-after coach and mentor for aspiring inventors worldwide, his unique methods and experienced insight is transforming the way people "go to market" with their unique products and services.

For nearly twenty years, Jim has successfully launched companies and demystified the process of proven sales and marketing methods to world-renowned retailers while selling millions of dollars of products. Whether you are just starting out or have an organized business with retail-ready products, Jim can help you develop a clear, personal plan of action that will help you to understand how to succeed in a very competitive retail environment and learn the ins and outs of how to land your products on the shelves of America's leading retail chains. Jim is a Patron of the United Inventors Association, staff writer for Inventor’s Digest, nationally recognized speaker and invention blogger, and has been featured in articles in leading publications and websites such as Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Newsday.

Please mark your calendars so you won't miss a single meeting in 2013. You will benefit from the expertise of our speakers and vendor members available at each of our meetings.

Our 100+ fellow inventors learn from one another as well from our guest speakers. Each meeting brings expertise in some area of product development, manufacturing, distribution or business development. Several times a year we put the spotlight on one of our own inventors/entrepreneurs with products on the market. As they share their journey, we gain valuable insights from their mistakes and their successes. Every session includes a Q & A session on a related range of topics and our members have the opportunity to highlight their successes at each of our monthly meetings.

Networking among our members and guests, before and after the meeting, provides a great deal of information, advice, experiences and resources. Our Members Only part of the monthly meeting begins at 9:30 AM with open networking and guest sign-in starting at 10:00. Our inventor members can showcase their products, and information about our vendor members is available. Our meeting is called to order at 10:30 a.m. The speaker's presentation begins at 10:45 AM. The meeting ends about 1:30 PM. Many of members and guests enjoy continuing their networking over a late lunch after the meeting ends and everyone is welcome to join the conversation. Listen for details during the announcement section of our meeting.

Services for inventors are provided by our vendor members some of whom are attorneys, patent agents, manufacturers, marketing agents, prototype builders, packaging specialists, design professionals, marketing representatives, business development specialists, and MORE. They are an important part of the knowledge base for our group.

The knowledge you gain from fellow inventors is often more valuable than what you learn from our presenter alone so plan to participate in our open networking. General Membership is only $35.00 and our vendor membership is pro-rated based on the month of the year and requires Board approval. Our 2012 by-laws have created a July through June membership year. Visitors can participate for only $10.00 per visit.

Have more immediate questions? You can contact IAG Secretary,Terry Sullivan. Be sure to provide your contact information so we can add your name our FREE newsletter list. Let us know where you need help so we can direct you to relevant articles and resources. She can be reached at or 678-995-5686.

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