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Ruby on Rails Developers

3/11/2013 7:15 PM - 9:15 PM

February 11th, 2013 Ruby & Rails MeetUp

February 11 ยท 7:15 PM

TechRanch Austin

February is the month for love and your sweetheart. And if you're a *real* developer, you love things that save you time.

This month a sweetheart of a presentation back on track with our on-going Series emphasizing Newbie Knowledge -- stuff that if you'd known from the get-go, you'd be oh-so-further ahead:

In February: Stacy Stacy Vlasits convincing us why we must use Pry as an IRB replacement for plain Ruby as well as for the Rails console.

Stacy will also give a brief summary of how he uses Sublime Text to work with Terminal, as well as other interesting Packages for Sublime Text that will delight you.

Please note that James' presentation on DSLs has been moved to March.

Please be sure to join us the second Monday in February (2/11/13) for these talks!

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