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Technology Innovation Series Sustainable Growth through Innovation Day 1

3/22/2013 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM


First Floor Board Room

75 5th Street NW

Suite 100

Atlanta, GA 30308 Map

Date and Time

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 08:00 AM to

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 04:30 PM Eastern

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- Drive Change and Transformation in your Organization

- Execute your Innovation Strategy

- Compete Globally and Multiculturally

- Develop and Motivate your Workforce

- Build effectiveness in your Supply Chain

- Grow your Customer Base

- Generate Capital and Manage Corporate Investments


Technology Innovation Series

Sustainable Growth through Innovation

Every module uses innovation tools and techniques to create change and foster a greater degree of productivity and growth.

Drive Change and Transformation in your Organization

Execute your Innovation Strategy

Compete Globally and Multiculturally

Develop and Motivate your Workforce

Build effectiveness in your Supply Chain

Grow your Customer Base

Generate Capital and Manage Corporate Investments

Day 1: Friday, March 15

Module 1 Innovation in Human Resources

Make Your Workforce Your Greatest Strength: Your workforce can be, should be, MUST BE one of your corporate strengths. The changing workforce demographics mean changes must be made in hiring practices, selection criteria, mentoring, training and managing the new workforce. Critical to success are better talent-to position fit, communications and demanding management and mentoring by managers.

Module 2 Innovation in Sales and Marketing

Strategic Sales Growth Innovation: Over 80% of middle market businesses expect to grow sales in 2012 in spite of sweeping regulatory changes, a stagnant economy, and an unprecedented credit crisis in the US. These companies have discovered the critical elements of growing sales in a tough economy and are outperforming larger, better capitalized companies. This course focuses on the best practices of these best of breed companies and identifies strategies to help your company develop and execute an action plan to capture increased sales and profits in the years ahead.

Module 3 Innovation in the Supply Chain

Generate Competitive Advantage Through Better Supplier Relationships: Suppliers can be a huge source of competitive information! They are likely to acquire the first indicators of changes in market direction, changes in competitor strategies, revolutionary new technologies and new market opportunities. Active successful partnering programs with your suppliers can provide unforeseen opportunities in new markets and additional profits. The "trick" is making them successful for both parties and harvesting/employing the data they provide!

Module 4 Innovation in Information Systems

Technology Innovation Creates New Market Positioning: Creating an innovation program in technologies can take a company to new competitive spaces in the marketplace. Investment in technology and innovation in product and process design can take the organization into the blue ocean where no other organizations have gone before. Developing an innovation program involves the development of a technology strategy board, research and development strategy, and planning technology releases.

Day 2: Friday, March 22

Module5 Innovation in Operations

Innovation Through Business Design and Execution: The goal of every business is to create and sustain competitive advantage by creating and delivering value to their customers. Highly successful companies prosper because they create great business designs and execute relentlessly to deliver big profits consistently over time. This course focuses on critical elements and techniques necessary to identify and the execute the right business design for your industry and how to turn around shrinking

Module 6 Innovation in Finance and Accounting

Financial Innovation for Planning and Attracting Growth Capital: Financial executives complete years of training and master a defined set of requirements to produce traditional statements and reports. Do these standard financial statements truly measure the value your business is generating? Can we use them in real time to measure risk, assess capital requirements and better prepare your business for growth? We will develop financial strategies to better manage growth through financial structuring designed to attract capital or optimize your company's financial health.

Module 7 Innovation in Global Operations

Driving Competitive Advantage via Global Market Penetration: Technology allows corporations to more easily address Global markets, but making those global efforts successful and profitable requires specialized resources, localized marketing techniques, careful budgeting, longer time horizons and a commitment to staying in those markets. The decision process to address these markets must be intensive and comprehensive. The results can produce a major competitive advantage!

Module 8 Innovation in Strategic Planning

How to Prepare for an Uncertain Future: Outside influences such as government health care regulations, a stagnated economy, limited access to capital and rising commodity costs create a crazy quilt of uncertainty for business owners in today's complex world. Nothing seems certain but uncertainty. This module teaches you to plan by developing scenarios-stories with a purpose. Scenario based planning goes well beyond forecasting to serve as teaching devices that drive executives to cast off preconceived notions and see that what they believe or hope will happen might not happen at all. If you've ever wished your business could make sense out of today's chaotic business environment, look no further.

Innovation Types/Concept

Innovation Types and Concepts

Types of Innovation

The introduction of a product or service from one sector across to another sector

Deep insights into a limited element of an existing product, from which a new product is created

The exploitation of a new technology

The redesign of processes

Impacts of Innovation

Incremental changes in unit processes

Large-scale changes in how departments operate

Discontinuous changes in organizational transformation

Architectural changes rearranging existing components

Disruptive changes in how the organization competes

Blue ocean changes in the industry as a result


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Business Intelligence (BI) systems

Mobile applications and technologies

Globalization communication technologies

Organizational Aspects

Vision and strategy for innovation

Culture inspiring and driving innovation

Processes, practices, and people supporting innovation

Top management teams leading innovation

Cross-functional teams mapping innovation


Roger Reak

Reak has held executive positions with multiple major corporations and has successfully managed the turnaround of four different businesses. A graduate from Marquette University, he is expert in strategic planning & alliances/partnerships and is a partner in Innovation Consulting Solutions, an executive management training, research and consulting firm helping companies to generate sustainable growth through change. Reak is an accredited management consultant and a subject matter expert with a worldwide consulting organization. He is active with IBANA, a professional services and training organization ( and is founder of the Business Impact Group ( Reak has been focused on helping companies to prepare for growth via investments, alliances, acquisitions or mergers.

Donald Amoroso

Dr. Amoroso is Professor of Information Systems at the Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University and Director of the Japan Strategic Initiative Group (JSIG). Dr. Amoroso has research fellowships at Asian Institute of Management, Philippines and University of Tsukuba, Tokyo. Dr. Amoroso's area of expertise is in three areas: (1) innovation, (2) strategy, and (3) technology and has worked with c-level executives in Japan, Philippines, and the Atlanta area. He conducts a seminar in Atlanta twice annually called, CIO Certification Seminar, where he trains a handful of aspiring CIOs in leadership and strategy. Dr. Amoroso received his MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in 1984 and 1986, respectively and has taught at the University of Colorado and San Diego State University before coming to Kennesaw State University.

Gene Wright

Gene Wright is an exceptional professional with a reputation of great ethical conduct over 30 years of experience in business. From his involvement in the development of warehouse clubs and supercenters across the nation to expanding his expertise into global markets with Fortune 100 companies, Gene has helped many organizations achieve their goals. He has a history with Andersen Consulting (Accenture) as an associate partner responsble for facilitating discussion with Andersen's global client executive management teams. His company, Northstar Consulting, focuses on helping small and middle market clients change to become more successful. He is a certified advisor with the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development and a board member of the National Crowdfunding Association. Gene is a graduate of West Georgia Univeristy where he earner a Bachelor of Business Administration.

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