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KSDG Web Course number 3 Web Frontend Collection

5/25/2013 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

KSDG web course # 3 - a large collection of web frontend practical technology

By Request, this course is to develop technology-based web frontend.

The first agenda invited to the well-known browser plug-in "Tong Wen Tang" current maintenance? / Developer Softcup to present to you how to use Chrome DevTools help front-end development, with the field will also introduce Firefox v20 built-in developer tools as a control, use of Browser tool will be able to enhance the efficiency of development and debugging.

PHP Rasmus Lerdorf had respected inventor of the lightweight PHP framework CodeIgniter (CI), one of the developers we invite CI Appleboy bring "How to build front-end development environment," to teach people how to integrate Coffeescript, Sass and other front-end development tools, to create a suitable development environment to help you quickly and effectively develop / maintain websites.

Organizer: Kaohsiung Software Developer Group (KSDG)

National Sun Yat Southern District to promote industrial development research center

Supervisor: Export Processing Zone Administration

Cost: Free

Date: 2013/05/25 (six)

Time: 13:30 ~ 17:00 Place: Kaohsiung Software Park Building B, Room 708 (Kaohsiung City Fuxing 4th, 7th Floor, Room 708, No. 2) Agenda:

13:30 ~ 13:40 Admission / Registration / AC

13:40 ~ 15:10 Softcup - Introduction Chrome DevTools + DevTools workshop

15:10 ~ 15:30 midfield exchanges

15:30 ~ 17:00 Appleboy - How to build front-end development environment + workshop

Note: Please bring laptops to the scene to facilitate participation in Workshop lab exercises.

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