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Start Small Think Big

5/17/2013 7:00 PM - 5/19/2013 9:00 PM

Clarify Your Idea

Whether or not you come to the workshop with an idea, you will learn to think about your business in terms of your personal and lifestyle goals. With the end in mind, you will be given an overview of types of businesses and then design a business you are passionate about. Finally you will define the problem your idea solves or the desire your idea fulfills. By the end of the 1st portion of the workshop, you will have written down, shared and received feedback on:

* A 60 Second Pitch for Customers

* A 60 Second Pitch to Get Help from People

* A 60 Second Pitch to Yourself that your Business Will Meet your Personal & Lifestyle Goals

Find Customers and Experts & Evaluate Your Idea by Talking to Them

When first starting out, it's best to offer your idea in the simplest form to a very specific niche. This will allow your minimal resources to go as far as possible. Another way to stretch your time, money and social resources is to try the idea that you are most likely to succeed at. By talking to customers and experts in the field, you can figure out the simplest version of product or service that your customers are willing to pay for and therefore, the most likely to succeed. Since you developed a pitch for customers and another to get help from people in the first part of the workshop, you are ready to get out and speak to real people! By the end of this portion of the workshop, you will have:

* A List of 100 Potential Customers with Contact Info

* A List of 20 Experts in Your Field with Contact Info

* Conversations with 5 Potential Customers and 5 Experts

Get Commitments from Paying Customers

Before getting a business license and spending tons of time and money creating the perfect website, logo, business name, etc.. you'll want to get commitments from paying customers for the simplest version of your idea possible. That way you can be confident that your name, website and logo (your brand) will all appeal to the customers you have been talking to and will help you sell the exact version of your idea that those customers want. This is the most rewarding part of the workshop as you are pretty much starting your business at this point. You will learn to sell your service or product (no branding, just direct sales) and then you will have time to actually go out and get commitments from customers. And the coolest part is, with these commitments, you are actually way ahead of most people who have payed thousands of dollars to create their brand but don't even have an idea that is tested with real customers! At the end of the workshop, you should have:

*Commitments from Real Customers Who Have Agreed to Buy Your Product or Service

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