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The Garage 2013 Presented by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

5/14/2013 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM

About the Garage

The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce is calling on Rhode Island growth companies to tell their story at The Garage.

Drawing its name from the start-up ingenuity in Silicon Valley that led to the creation of companies like Apple, Google and others, The Garage will be the place where the private sector will create a mash-up of all good things happening in the local business community. Revenue generating companies will share their success stories and best practices in an effort to inspire, cross-pollinate and grow key economic sectors. This first event, which will take place on Tuesday, May 14 at the Rhode Island Convention Center, will focus on the key industries of consumer products, health care, food, nutrition, and wellness.

“The event is all about storytelling,” said Laurie White, president of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. “We want to showcase companies here in Rhode Island where innovation is a central strategy, where management is committed to expansion and where financing aligns with a business plan.” The half day event will begin with the Economic Outlook Luncheon running concurrently with a women entrepreneurial micro conversations mentor session, followed by four panel discussions, a storytelling platform, the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition and then culminating with a networking reception.

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The Garage is THE place to

Focus on growth companies, best practices, entrepreneur training, market trends and random collisions;

Cross-pollinate and enlarge key growth industry sectors;

Integrate and inter-twine people, ideas, relationships, projects and networks;

Create interesting intersections that might lead to new business relationships, new businesses, unexpected products, new alliances;

Drive “private sector leadership in economic development” and reach new audiences.

In the Late 19th Century

Alfred Marshall, a founding father of modern economics, asked why firms in the same industry were often geographically near each other.

Proximity, he said, created something “in the air... if one man starts a new idea, it is taken up by others and combined with suggestions of their own; and thus it becomes the source of further new ideas."

The Economist, October 27, 2012

Economic Outlook Luncheon

CVS Caremark President and CEO Larry Merlo will will share the company’s innovation and growth strategy when he makes his first presentation to the Rhode Island business community.

He is expected to address dramatic changes in the health care environment and what this will mean for employers, community leaders and health care consumers in Rhode Island, during his keynote address. In addition, he will talk about how CVS Caremark is helping people on their path to better health by addressing the quality, cost and access challenges to health care in our country.

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