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5/4/2013 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The Earth is speaking…hear her children. Heal her children. She is our Mother. She needs you!”

Hear the call of the wild! Find that wild inside … meet your inner Wildling.

“Wildlings” is a novel approach to sustainability and systems literacy for children and their carers. Connecting children to the Earth through gardening, Wildlings seeks to merge the virtual and the real in a stimulating, addictive and rewarding educational journey. Gardening gamified!!!

FUN, CONNECTION and SHARING – this is what it is about. The co-creators of Wildlings invite you to become a co-creator to dream and make real the next chapter in this adventure through two service design events held on the 4 May and 14 May 2013.

Attendees are invited to join one or both days in this highly participatory event. Come and make something new with people you have just met. The first day will focus on ideas and creating concepts. The second day will work towards creating business models that support your concepts. We encourage you to attend both days and unleash your wildness!

What is a Design Jam?

Design Jams are facilitated, participant-driven, co-creation experiences that promote creativity and innovation in the design and delivery of new products, services and processes. They use service design methods and tools to create user-centred experiences.

Why have we asked you?

Wildlings needs your passion and awesomeness! Jams bring together people with diverse skills and backgrounds to surface the best that such diversity offers. You are important because your passions intersect with the Wildlings vision for a more sustainable world.

What is the concept?

Gardening and games to connect children to the earth through fun and action.

Who owns the concept?

Wildlings was created at the Global Sustainability Jam 2012. Therefore all the intellectual property developed in this idea is covered by a Creative Commons licence. Be a part of this journey and help to create and drive this concept.

Why should I come?

Come and play. Become a wildling. Meet new people . See the world differently for a few hours. Make a new world. Potentially, change the world for the better. It will be stimulating, tiring, exciting, thoughtful and lots of other things rolled up into one.

Who designed this Jam?

Janine Sisson, Jo Scott, Murali Maheswaran and Raquel Woods were part of the group that won the November 2012 Global Sustainability Jam in Melbourne. They are your facilitators for this DESIS Design Jam at the RMIT University Convergence Event.

Learn More: WILDLINGS Design Jams

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