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EngageInvestExploit London

11/28/2013 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Come and join us for an amazing afternoon and evening of discussions, talks, presentations & networking to celebrate Scottish business

Engage Invest Exploit (EIE) is Scotland's premier investor showcase for the best companies spinning out of Scotland's world class universities and start-ups from the wider Scottish entrepreneurial eco-system.

Informatics Ventures is now bringing EIE to London with twelve of the most ambitious and high growth potential Scottish-based entrepreneurs, to meet with investors looking to back such businesses.

An afternoon of key note speakers, presentations by the companies, and a highly charged debate on how technology is helping investors to cross borders will be followed by a celebratory dinner at which attendees can network with each other and the presenting companies.


Company 1 are commercialising their patented linear generator to be the technology of choice for wave energy applications. An early application is an off-grid alternative to diesel generation – meeting the installation, maintenance and back-up power demands of offshore wind farms and unmanned oil & gas platforms.

Patients need implants that last and heal fast. Company 2 are developing new medical implants to help the body repair itself, with a vision of making every implant in the world last longer.

Company 3 provides a ground-breaking environmental data service. Using satellite technology. They monitor the amount of carbon that’s stored in, and absorbed by trees and vegetation. The data covers the entire surface of the planet from the present day back to 2001.

Company 4 are commercialising a patented fermentation process which converts the low value problematic by-products of whisky production into 5 high value commodities including renewable energy.

Company 5 are changing the way people shop online. They allow users to make their own personal shopping mall and then have clothes recommended to them that only suit their tastes. Their recommendations are based on style, price and location.

Company 6 makes audio searchable using state-of the-art automatic speech recognition technology

that is specifically targeted towards converting ‘natural’ and ‘conversational’ style speech into text.

Company 7 are making developing motion control and optical recognition applications easy for developers, no matter the platform. By licensing an API that standardises motion interactions, developers can build products that respond to just a wave of the hand, sign-in with a picture, or control a story with toys.

Company 8 have a proven Synthetic Bone Graft delivering rapid, controlled and effective bone fusion

following Orthopaedic surgery with recognised benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

Company 9 are developing cardiovascular implants that benefit patients, clinicians and hospitals

by enabling cheaper, less invasive diagnostic imaging procedures, not requiring x-ray exposure,

catheterization or nephrotoxic contrast agents. Its lead product, currently under development, will be

the first stent to allow non-invasive diagnosis by MRI of in-stent restenosis and thrombosis, two significant complications associated with the progression of arterial disease.

Company 10 publish SmartReads and ebooks of famous classics; shortened, modernised and digitally

animated, supporting digital education resources. Designed to Educate, Entertain & Engage children aged 8-12 years.

Company 11 aim to remove the error out of human error, whether in the workplace or at home. The company product is an elapsed time indicator that knows when a container has been opened for the first time, displaying how long it has been since first opened, turning from green to red once it’s “Use Within” period has been reached.

Company 12 produce a technological first in Extra Corporeal Life Support systems (ECMO). Focus will initially be on new-born babies, the most vulnerable of intensive care patients. The proven novel technology overcomes the issues of current systems that are very bulky and complex.

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