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NZ Entrepreneur Club

11/4/2013 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

NZ Entrepreneur Club is a supportive community group for individuals who are currently in the process of building new businesses and startups. We get together on a regular basis, face to face (where possible) to talk about entrepreneurship, business, marketing and success in life. Come along to our next meetup!

This group is made up of entrepreneurs, internet business & marketers, consultants, salespeople, business leaders, startup businesses and property investors.

I'm sure this is you, isn't it?

driven and passionate

highly talented and motivated individual

interested in continually improving your entrepreneurship, business, marketing and small business activities

takes pride in your own work

enjoys intelligent conversation & interactions

creative thinking

excited about technology and internet business and marketing

want to connect with like minded people

above all want to have fun and connect with other successful people

The Entrepreneur Club is for people who want to have fun and achieve success. Only come along if you want to make entrepreneurship, property investment, start-ups and internet business fun as you go!

Come join, come to a meetup, turn up at some of the events and meet some awesome people!

Learn More: NZ Entrepreneur Club

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