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Power the Future

11/2/2013 9:00 AM - 11/3/2013 6:00 PM

On Saturday, Nov 2 and Sunday, Nov 3, dozens of developers, designers, makers, and creative problem solvers will be gathering at Betamore for Power the Future, a 36-hour hackathon focused on building apps and tools to better all forms of energy creation and consumption. There is $5,000 in cash and other prizes up for grabs!

Pitch an Idea

Anyone can pitch an idea. You can pitch an idea online, before the event here. You can also pitch an idea in person the morning of the event.

Form Teams

Teams will be formed around the ideas that have been pitched. Event organizers will help balance teams so that there is a nice mix of designers, developers, and non-technical professionals who can help prepare a final presentation your team will give on Sunday.

Begin Building a Prototype

For the presentations on Sunday, judges will be expecting a demonstrable prototype of your solution. No need to whip up a business plan, just show something working.

Work From Our Campus

We’ve stocked our campus with things to make this event fun. We’ll be playing music all night, HAVE plenty of drinks, snacks, and meals, and comfy areas for you to take a brief nap or brainstorm.

Present Your Demo

We’ve assembled a rockstar panel of judges that will watch your team’s five minute demo of your solution. Make sure it’s clean and tight.

Win Cash and Prizes

There is $5,000 up for grabs for the team that demos the best solution. We’ve also got iPads and other cool prizes to give away.

Learn More: Power the Future

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