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2013 GMIC Silicon Valley Largest mobile conference


Mobile is no longer a technology contained in a smartphone or tablet. It has grown into a global innovation movement that affects how everyone interacts with everything, everywhere. The mobile experience, now augmented by emerging cloud and big data services, is being extended to cars, houses and even our clothes, therefore making them intelligent, connected devices that have an intimate understanding of the user.

GMIC Silicon Valley brings you several tracks taking you and 10,000+ developers, executives, startups and investors from 60+ countries across all platforms to explore in depth the most innovative trends, applications, technologies and implications of the mobile movement across the globe.

Example Tracks:


Keynotes, fireside chats and panels from 100+ visionaries and executives representing the world’s leading mobile, internet, cloud and big data companies that are redefining the future of the industry and the world


Developer focused, technical content around the mobile ecosystem and including a competition of the latest and great apps from around the world


Startup focused panels and keynotes from successful founders and investors plus 20 startups from around the world competing for prizes and a chance to pitch on the Main Stage


GGS aims to Connect, Educate and Promote game developers, and help them to interact with game platforms, publishers, distributors, VCs and media from all over the world

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VIP Welcome Reception

member-imageThe VIP Welcome Reception is exclusive to GMIC speakers, invited media, VIP pass holders, and GMI Members.

Global Innovator Summit

member-imageThe day before GMIC opens, GMI Members and invited guests gather for the bi-annual Meeting.

G-Startup Competition

member-imageG-Startup is the leading global conference and competition for the hottest mobile startups featuring startups from 6 countries

appAttack Competition

member-imageappAttack is the global competition for the latest and greatest mobile apps and games

GMIC After Party

member-imageGWC invites you to grab a drink and network with other attendees at SF’s premier club Temple for GMIC After Party.

Global Game Stars

member-imageGlobal Game Stars is the mobile gaming track hosted by the undisputed media leader in mobile gaming, Pocket Gamer.


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