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Business Beer and vitamin B

10/30/2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Business, Beer, and vitamin B

Networks in the GründerVilla

Source: profound

Business & Beer founder is an informal meeting for networking. About 70 participants come on the last Wednesday of the month in the founder villa in Dahlem together to care for a snack and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere, contacts, to discuss ideas and plans, share tips and have fun together. In addition to founders and entrepreneurs, students and interested parties are welcome.

Business & Beer starts at 18.00 clock with a short program: founding teams present themselves and their ideas in a nutshell ago, established business owners about their experiences or external experts to give a brief insight into their work area. From about 18.45 clock, the event goes to the relaxing part. The current program will be announced two weeks prior to the meeting on this website.

Next Date: Wednesday, 30 October 2013, 18.00 clock

Theme of the evening is "life science start-ups":

Dr. Sebastian Jentschke from Research Languages ​​of Emotion, Freie Universität Berlin talks about the start-up projects immune coach

Dr. Jasdan Bernward Joerges , CEO of eHealt Labs from Potsdam, introduces the company

Location: Altensteinstr. 44b, 14195 Berlin

Subject to change

Business & Beer is from the Carlsberg Brewery supports.

Invitation and information:

Interested parties can be included on the e-mail invitation distribution. Please send a message to:


The meeting will be in co-founder of profound and the directors of Lebepur GmbH, Stefan Arndt and Thomas Strasbourg organized.

For more information:

Lebepur GmbH

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