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Diyode Electronic Dropin

10/28/2013 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Recurring Events

Recurring events are drop in only, no need to register, just show up.

When Event

Monday Nights @ 8pm

Electronic Drop-in

Tony Thompson leads this weekly event, answering questions, chatting about design, and poking at breadboards

Monday Nights @ 9pm

General Meeting

We all get together, work on what needs work, talk about what needs talking about, mock whoever needs mocking.

First and Third Friday of the month @ 6pm Starting again Sept 9th

Friday Night Five Dollar Fixits

Bring us something broken, be it a hat rack, a stereo, or a large hadron collider. We’ll help you fix it for five bucks. No guarantees, we may break it further, but hey, at least we try.

Learn More: Diyode Electronic Dropin

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