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FailCon 2013

10/21/2013 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

FailCon has traveled around the world, visiting over a dozen countries since its inception in 2009. Now we're back in our home city of San Francisco to teach new lessons, focus on the best stories of the year, and continue helping founders build the strongest product they can, through FAILURE!

You aren’t a real entrepreneur until you’ve had to deal with failure, and recovering from it - financially, emotionally, and practically - can be challenging. Hear how major players in the industry have dealt with startup troubles while keeping a positive, tenacious, and energetic attitude through it all.

We've been featured on NPR and in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the SF Chronicle, Wired Magazine, Convene Magazine, TechCrunch, and more!

Join us on October 21st for what many call 'THE best startup event in the Valley'!

PLEASE NOTE: FailCon tickets are transferable but are non-refundable.

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