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Getting your Cash from the Crowd

10/29/2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Slava Rubin, founder and CEO of, is in town. Founded in early 2008, Indiegogo has been a trail blazer for the crowdfunding concept (= donors getting goodies and rewards for their contribution), their largest campaigns netting almost 2 million USD. In addition to Slava, we'll have Thomas Herzog from on stage, giving insights into the crowdinvestment (= donors getting actual company shares for their contribution) side of things.

To find out what works and what doesn't, we'll also have two crowdfunded/ -invested startups on stage (TBD - update soon). This is a great opportunity for you to understand mechanics and best practice, put your own questions, and see if your own idea could get cash from the crowd, too!

The evening is hosted by Christoph Räthke (CEO Berlin Startup Academy).

After the event, there'll be a get together with more opportunities to talk to the panelists. And the first round of drinks is on Indiegogo.

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