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Haxetelier5 Haxe and Nodejs la suite

10/30/2013 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Following questions Haxetelier # 4, it was decided to continue exploring the node.js techno with Haxe.

For those who were not there last Haxetelier the videos are online .

At the end of the workshop, the goal is to have an application (web site, game, app) that runs online, where you can continue to work independently.

And it's FREE for members Silex Labs, just ask for the code "member" to contact (at) silexlabs (dot) org.


Express.js: Advanced Features (cookies, sessions, ...)

Deploy a Haxe / application on Heroku node.js:

Operate a MongoDB database with Mongoose:


A working installation of:


Node.js / NPM


Heroku Toolbelt ( )

Being registered

Have performed at least the examples from the previous workshop:

Speaker: Clement Charmet aka aka Mister Sublime clemos

Clémos is a developer of web app developer since 2002, it is the axis language since 2005

Clémos is the leading developer of Sublime Text Haxe .

He is also the creator Try Haxe .

If you want to see or review the Lightning Talk of Clemos when wwx2013 is here .

github: http / / / clemos

Learn More: Haxetelier5 Haxe and Nodejs la suite

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