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HeatSync Labs Open Hack

10/17/2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

We are..

a place to make things--We call it a hackerspace.

made up entirely of volunteers--no staff!

located at:

140 West Main St.

Downtown Mesa

open FREE

Mon-Fri 7p-10p

(and whenever a member unlocks the doors)

currently: open


Tue, Oct 8

6:00 PM Public Hours

Wed, Oct 9

0:00 PM Coffee and Code! (bonus open hours)

6:00 PM Public Hours

Thu, Oct 10

6:00 PM Public Hours

9:00 PM Hack your Hackerspace

Fri, Oct 11

6:00 PM Public Hours

Discussion Groups

RE: [HSL] Welding Class - Email ------------------------------From: Clyde Tappy Sent: 10/8/2013 3:06 PMTo: ...

Welding Class - Just checking when the next welding class would be.

Autoleveling Lightbar, Local Motors - Some of you may have seen the auto-leveling lightbar that I built in thelab a couple of months ago. I made it to help land a ...

Community Blogs

Body Jewelry / Wearable Electronics Adhesives Roundup - Colin and I needed to find some way to attach wearable electronics to the body for body jewelry and wearable computing type applications. Even...

Maker Faire Rome! - I'm home from my adventure to +Maker Faire Rome. I had a really great time. The venue was really nice, I liked the way it was laid out. Ea...

3D Printed LED Ringflash - Summary: = This page is an ongoing work of progress! Please standby while I win! = == Simulation == [[Image:Simulation.png|500px]] == I...


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Want to send us money? Help us create more amazing things? HeatSync Labs is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your help enables us to fulfill our educational mission, enhance our space, and any help is greatly appreciated!



You don't need to be a member to come and make stuff, but membership helps us pay the rent and can allow you onsite storage, voting privileges and, if the community decides, 24/7 keycard access.

To learn more about membership, check out the Members Website.

Learn More: HeatSync Labs Open Hack

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