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Writing Effective SOPs for Regulatory Compliance

10/11/2013 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Writing Effective SOPs for Regulatory Compliance

The lack of or incomplete standard operating procedures (SOPs) continue to dominate the FDA's inspectional observations. Their frequency lags only behind the Quality Unit concerns. Moreover, SOPs are often used as training tools, which means that they need to be easily understood by all those whom they affect. Effective SOPs are not only a regulatory requirement; they also make good business sense. Employees often fail to follow SOPs because they can't understand them, and too many times procedures are being constantly revised. This leads to lengthy and expensive investigations and costly revisions.

The webinar, “Writing Effective SOPs for Regulatory Compliance” being conducted on 11th-Oct-2013, will provide a better understanding of the regulatory expectations, and proper design and maintenance of effective and compliant Standard Operating Procedures. Participants will learn how to create and review SOPs, and generate a system for training and implementation of effective and compliant written procedures

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