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1 Million Cups San Diego CompeteUp Inc My Perfect Pet

9/25/2013 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

CompeteUp, Inc.

David Cai


Online sport tournament management. Very easy to setup and run a tournament. Covers all aspects of tournament management: bracketing, scheduling, and scorekeeping. Provides easy and relevant information access for athletes as well.

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My Perfect Pet

Karen Scoggins


My Perfect Pet is the leader in a NEW Category of pet food, Lightly Cooked-Frozen. This new category can easily outperform any dry, canned, raw or refrigerated product on the retail shelf. With the safety and convenience of a Lightly Cooked product, it is now being recommended by vets and endorsed by animal health organizations. Made with all-natural fresh whole foods and restaurant-quality ingredients (no meals, byproducts or preservatives), providing the maximum nutrition and perfect balance for pets.

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