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Genoa Startup Weekend

9/20/2013 6:00 PM - 9/22/2013 9:00 PM

Startup Weekend is a global initiative aimed at promoting non-profit innovation and entrepreneurship in young people, experienced in different Italian cities such as, among others, Bari, Brescia, Cagliari, Milan, Turin and Venice. It is a meeting point for those who dream to create their own STARTUP and share ideas in the digital realm.

Cos' is a STARTUP? A newly born which is characterized by a strong focus on innovation and the search for new business models.

Everything is done in a weekend during which aspiring entrepreneurs come together to discover the validity of their ideas, setting the first concrete realization through a multidisciplinary team. On average, a part of the protagonists has a technical background, such as developers and software engineers, another aptitudes creative designers and digital graphics, and finally there are those who are oriented marketing,

communication and business management.

The event begins on Friday evening, when participants exhibit in turn and in a minute, the elevator pitch, the speech that an entrepreneur would do if he were an investor for the case with him in the elevator. The same evening are voted on all the ideas presented and the ten most popular become the subject of the development of the weekend, following the formation of the team according to the interests of individuals.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings are devoted to the study of the strategy, and development of concrete product (software programming, app, graphic study, business plan, marketing), with the support of coach that venture capitalists (investors), entrepreneurs and successful industry experts, guests of the event.

Finally on Sunday evening projects are presented to a jury selected which will evaluate the business model, the market positioning, technical implementation and design. Hence the choice of the three team ready to launch a winning STARTUP.

The ideal location for an event dedicated to innovation could only be the Silicon Valley Italian, the Science and Technology Park Erzelli, on the heights of Sestri Ponente.

The Startup Weekend are specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to get feedback on your idea, find a co-founder or acquire new skills.

'm also open to anyone who wants to test the water business. I am an environment in which risk-free roll up their sleeves and jump in full swing in the exciting world of startups.

The first edition Genovese is brought to Genoa by Talent Garden.

The cost of the ticket includes all meals related to the event: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches!

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