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How to Build a FInancial Model to Support Business Decisions

9/23/2013 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Models mean different things to different people, but they are basically a simplified representation of a system built to support predictions and/or decision making. In this class, we’ll talk about first steps in building a model, how to define the purpose/use of the model, and how to determine what business questions you’re trying to solve. The class will be hands-on and students will work in groups to build several different types of models, which we will review as a class.


Understand in which situations a model will be a helpful tool to support decision making

Quickly build a basic model (financial or otherwise) using a simple 6 step process that ensures you “build it right” the first time

Apply model building “best practices” to reduce errors and improve usability of model

Understand and leverage models to apply basic analysis techniques (e.g., break even analysis, growth rate calculations, simple scenario analysis)


Comfort with basic excel commands: “if” statements, copy and paste, addition, subtraction. If you need to brush up on Excel “if” statements, check out this article

You will need a laptop with excel for class.


Patrick Freuler Photo

Patrick Freuler

Founder and CEO,


Patrick Freuler is the founder/CEO of Audicus (, a tech startup that aims to make hearing aids far more affordable, accessible and cooler.

Prior to Audicus, Patrick spent several years as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and as a healthcare investor at Bain Capital. He has two engineering degrees from MIT.


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Learn More: How to Build a FInancial Model to Support Business Decisions

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