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Startup Grind Austin Hosts Ernir Gray - Aunt Bertha

9/30/2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Erine founded Aunt Bertha in 2010 because he believes people can and will help themselves if given the right tools. He explains in more detail why he started the company here and here. He can be reached here. What Aunt Bertha Does: We collect all federal, state, county, city, neighborhood, and charity program information and put it in one place. If it's based on need, then we collect it. It's pretty simple, really. Using information we learn about programs, and what we learn from the user, we intelligently match people with services that are designed specifically for their situation. Thing They Believe:

1. We believe everybody should be able to find program information in seconds.

2. We believe people can and will help themselves with the right tools.

3. We believe that data shows patterns that can help prevent suffering.

4. We believe organizations and communities want better ways to work together.

5. We believe software should never get in the way of helping people.

6:00 Networking and Food

7:00 Fireside Chat

8:00 Networking

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