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804RVA Tech Meetup Knox Payments Optimal Run Jobaio Nudge

4/16/2014 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

804RVA Tech Meetup is a monthly demonstration of technology companies that were made in RVA and hand selected by our hosts. Get a sneak peek of just released technologies and listen to the successes and failures from a seasoned company or two. We'll have beer on hand, so come join us for some casual conversations and lightweight presentations (each presentation and Q&A is only 10 minutes long-- we promise not to bore you!)

April's meetup features the following RVA technology companies:

Knox connects businesses to banks so consumers can pay by logging into their online banking without exposing any of their personal information, allowing payments to be faster and safer for consumers and cheaper for businesses.

Jobaio makes just-right connections between skilled professionals and the employers who need them. No auto-generated lists. No unreasonable commission fees. is a leading resource for runners and athletes to find find the optimal value on their shoes, gear and events. The site empowers individuals to spend more time running and less time shopping.

Patton Gleason is the founder of Optimal Run and is an entrepreneur from RVA. He has worked with a number of companies to bridge the brick and mortar and the ecommerce customer experience.

Nudge is the Klout for healthy living. It is a single score that measures your health.

The 804RVA Tech meetup is made possible by:

If you are building a new technology you would like to debut to the RVA community, flag down Todd Nuckols, Arnold Kim or Larkin Garbee at one of the meetups to find out how you can submit an application!

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