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Velocity Indiana Accelerator Cohorts come to Pitch in Evansville

4/3/2014 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

We are so excited about what Velocity is doing and their results that we have arranged to bring the entire group of current cohorts over to pitch at Tech on Tap.

Don't miss seeing what happens when you mix incredibly passionate innovative people and pressure cook them for 100 days.

Each of the cohorts will have an 8 minute pitch to our group. We will allow time at the end for audience questions.

We will be providing pizza along with a cash bar. You can order food from the menu before or after the meetup.

. Feel free to show up early to get your food ordered so you can get settled in for an exciting event.

Here is some background on the cohorts

Million Dollar Scholar helps make college more affordable for students through a web-based curriculum that teaches them how to win scholarships and maximize aid. Using this model, Million Dollar Scholar aims to become the first entity that creates scholarship opportunities by educating students on how to win aid. In this way, Million Dollar Scholar represents an innovation in that it has the potential to generate outsized impacts in education outcomes, education finance, urban development, job creation, and poverty alleviation at the same time.

GearBrake provides motorcyclist the reassurance that other drivers will be able to see them in time to avoid a rear-end collision. Motorcycles are able to rapidly slow down without using the brakes by downshifting and engine braking. While this is extremely effective in slowing down the bike, it does not light the brake lights to warn other drivers. GearBrake can sense the deceleration from slowing down and automatically flash the brake lights when downshifting, engine braking or standard braking, which has been proven to increase reaction times and reduce rear-end collisions.

GroomHQ is your virtual best man. A web platform dedicated to fulfilling grooms’ wedding needs. Our focus is on simplicity and convenience for bachelor party and honeymoon planning, attire purchase or rental, and groomsmen gifts. We revolve every aspect of the business around a quality user experience. GroomHQ is designed to keep the groom in control, the wedding party on task and on time, and most importantly, keep his fiancee happy.

Drifter Events specializes in organizing fun, off the wall events for adventure-minded folks across the country. They invent, create, promote, and launch unique events for all of mankind: a wacky mixture of entertainment, adventure racing and endurance sports (on foot and on bikes!) keep them a little weird while they dream up ways to show off local communities and charities. Their most popular events include the Urban Bike Adventure, the largest bike scavenger hunt in the country; Derby City Run Club, a local running group in Louisville; The Ugly Sweater Ride, a seasonal bike tour; and The Great American Chase.

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