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1 Million Cups Wilmington United Energy

2/12/2014 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Innovincent LLC

Charles Vincent


Are you a non-profit or small business looking to raise awareness for your brand and funding for your cause by hosting an event? Whether your event is next month or next year, we can help. Innovincent is a Delaware-based marketing and consulting firm that specializes helping non-profits and small businesses with their marketing, event planning, and fundraising needs.

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Mid-Atlantic Mobile Battlefield

My company offers Nerf™ Dart Tag parties at "your" location. I would come to your location, home, park, indoor location, and set up a battlefield of pop-up bunkers or free standing blinds. Set up tables where the taggers, safety glasses and dart tag jersey's are presented to the party guests. At the start of the party, the official goes over the rules and game types, suits up the party guests and officiates games for the allotted time. Game times range from 1 hour to 2hrs 15min. Rentals are also available.

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