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Business Metrics for Health Care Organizations Webinar By MentorHealth

2/20/2014 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Health care managers can use business metrics to measure all aspects of their organization's performance. Measuring performance using business metrics can help you to compare results with internal expectations and external results. Knowing what to measure and which business metrics to use can help you to determine which metrics will provide the best insight into any specific issue.

This Webinar offers ways to maintain and analyze your company's metrics, set goals and monitor performance. These measurements become the basis for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to allow on-going benchmarking.It includes a discussion of what successful companies do in their business that helps them achieve their success. The Webinar will offer business improvement ideas to assist the attendee in achieving, maintaining or improving business excellence.

It will answer such questions as:

How can I survive reduced reimbursement levels?

How can I reduce operating costs/?

How do I improve business efficiencies?

How do I track performance?

What is the industry standard?

How am I doing compared to others?

These tools can become the basis for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to allow on-going internal as well as external benchmarking on a "real-time" basis.To provide performance measurement tools to help improve business processes and increase profitability through enhanced efficiencies.

The data driven business:

Knows its cost of doing business

Defines and standardizes work processes

Knows how performance is trending and how it stacks up versus your competition

Continues to improve, reinventing itself

Why should you attend: If a leadership team isn't reacting to daily or weekly reports, they are late in responding. To offset declining reimbursements, rising labor costs and razor-thin margins with smarter faster, better management, efficient, effective and relevant business metrics are essential.Knowing which factors cause problems is the first step to solving them.

Business Metrics

Measure the impact of changes on a process

Identify and understand relationships that might help explain variation

Control a process (monitor process performance)

Avoid solutions that don't solve the problem

Reduce waste and identify and put a stop to inefficient processes.

Companies that pay attention to Business Metrics are able to spot problems and opportunities first. Having a firm grasp on where you are now enables you to establish realistic goals for the future.

The elements that a metric driven company looks at include:


Best Practices


Trend line Forecasts


Areas Covered in the Session:

Why Business Metrics?

The Data Driven Business

Analysing Activities

Identifying Costs

Measuring Business Processes

Making Metrics Work for You

Who Will Benefit:

Department Directors

Business Development Managers


Financial Officers

John Allman is a nationally known and respected health care professional. John has over 40 years of management experience in the hospital setting, home infusion and home medical equipment sectors. He has a thorough understanding of the challenges that face the health care industry and brings his experience to the table to help health care organizations successfully meet those challenges. And he is comfortable bringing his experience, knowledge and services to both the single location provider and the multi-million dollar national company.

John has been working with many companies nationwide in assisting in the areas of competitive bidding, HIPAA compliance and training, Business Metrics, Face-to-Face Evaluation Documentation, Managed Care Contracting and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training.


Phone No: 800-385-1607

FaX: 302-288-6884

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Learn More: Business Metrics for Health Care Organizations Webinar By MentorHealth

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