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Could I Should I Expanding Your Nursing Practice to the Legal Arena as a Life Care Planner Webin

2/20/2014 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Additional training is necessary for nurses to expand their practice. Training programs, experience, and certification will all be discussed. A variety of practice settings will be reviewed to demonstrate the role can be filled by those who wish to practice as expert witnesses and those who prefer to work more behind the scenes. The presentation will conclude with discussion regarding the availability of mentoring and entrepreneurship.

Why should you attend: Life care planners are needed in a variety of settings. They work with individuals and families to help insure adequate resources are available for long term care and medical treatment. They can work with attorneys to help determine the cost of future medical care in legal cases. They can assist insurance companies to more closely estimate the future cost of a claim, and help determine amounts that should be set-aside to pay for future personal and medical care that would otherwise be the responsibility of Medicare.

Life care planners work for insurance companies, physicians offices, government entities, law firms, and many are in private practice. Training opportunities are available to gain the skills not normally attained through nursing practice alone. Please join us to see if you have what it takes to consider expansion of your career into this advanced practice role. Find out what additional training is needed for you to become an expert witness, and where the training can be obtained. Tired of working for someone else? Learn how you can use your nursing skills to start your own business as a Life Care Planner.

Areas Covered in the Session:

What is a Life Care Plan?

Who can be a Life Care Planner?

Nurse decision-making and the care planning process

State licensure, Nurse practice acts, and credibility

Training to be a Life Care Planner

Practice Settings

Availability of mentoring


Who Will Benefit:




Students in Nursing Programs

Shelly Kinney, MSN, RN, CNLCP, CCM Shelly Kinney is a Master’s prepared nurse residing in Ralston (Omaha), Nebraska. She is certified in both Case Management and Nurse Life Care Planning and has been in the rehabilitation field for the past 16 years. Ms. Kinney’s healthcare background includes work in critical care, acute medical rehabilitation, post-acute brain injury rehabilitation, women’s health and case management in hospital-based and worker’s compensation settings.

She has experience in both military and civilian healthcare and in the health insurance industry. A life care planner for more than six years, she works with injured individuals of all ages and nationwide. Ms. Kinney has special expertise planning for the long term needs of individuals with brain injury or chronic pain.


Phone No: 800-385-1607

FaX: 302-288-6884

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Learn More: Could I Should I Expanding Your Nursing Practice to the Legal Arena as a Life Care Planner Webin

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