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Startup Weekend Javeriana

2/21/2014 4:30 PM - 2/23/2014 7:30 PM

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About Startup Weekend: Startup Weekend are 54-hour events designed to provide high-quality experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs.

Starting Friday afternoon with the presentation of business ideas and team building, continuing brainstorming, developing a business model, basic prototyping and generation of information to validate the existence of a business opportunity as well as the size of the opportunity. Startup Weekends culminate on Sunday night with final presentations and demonstrations of equipment.

Participants learn to create startups during the event, taking the opportunity to collaborate with diverse-minded individuals in a simulated, risk free.

The teams will have access to lectures and feedback from experts in different disciplines and receive valuable feedback about their projects, entrepreneurs and experts in their local community.

The weekend will focus on action, innovation and education. You may be looking for feedback on your idea, develop specific skills, to know a co-founder, form a team to help you execute your project or simply learn,

Startup Weekend is the perfect place to try and make the first steps towards launching your own startup.


Refund Policy:

No refund will be made within the last 7 days before the event. We regret any inconvenience this may generate.

If you require a refund, please request it by sending an email to with the following information:

Full name

Contact details (email and telephone number with area code)

Event details

E-mail address with which you registered


Agreement of Terms of Participation:

Thank you for registering! As a participant of Startup Weekend, it's our job give you a learning experience and relationships, we intend to meet interesting people with whom you can start a business, build relationships with coaches and learn from experience. The event is meant to be a forum collaboration in open innovation ecosystem focused on sharing, learning, building, and fun.

Therefore, to register as a participant, you agree that any ideas shared with any individual or group that is part of the event, both coaches, visitors, participants, judges, facilitators or any other person within the event venue with permission the organizing committee of the city in which you participate, will be considered as a contribution to enhance the experience of the event and strengthen the community.

In the past, we have had limited scenarios "Stealing Ideas" (after more than 50,000 ideas presented in events around the world), in any way, as a participant, we know that you have concerns about someone stealing your idea, so if so, we recommend you reconsider participating in the event or just you refrain from sharing certain ideas.

As a member of your community Startups are agreeing to participate in the ideas of any of the participants acting in a professional manner, treating everyone with respect and respect the venue and / or place in which to develop the event. You agree that you are responsible for any accidents or damage that sometimes hold harmless and agree to Startup Weekend, its subsidiaries, employees and associates of any loss, claim or complaint regarding any incident.

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