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Webinar On Avoid Workplace Litigation and NonCompliance Fines Conduct an HR Audit

2/20/2014 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


It only takes one disgruntled employee to file a complaint of unfair labor practices to incite a full blown investigation by the IRS, DOL, EEOC, ect. These investigations can interrupt you business as well as be time-consuming and very expensive. Are you prepared? By conducting your own HR Audit, you may avoid litigation and non-compliance fines. An HR Audit can also provide an objective look at the company’s human resources policies, practices, procedures, programs, and strategies to help not only protect the company from litigation and fines; it can establish best practices, identify opportunities for improvement, and evaluate outsourcing options. HR Audits can ensure effective utilization of HR resources and improve customer service, which in turn can increase revenue.

HR Audits can help the company become more efficient as well as save money, reduce productivity time, and cut costs. HR Audits can also help companies avoid non-compliance fees and government audits/intervention, such as Wage and Hour, EEOC, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, Immigration Services, Lawyers, etc.

Areas Covered in the Session :

• What is an HR Audit

• When to Conduct an HR Audit

• Who should conduct the HR Audit

• How to Conduct an HR Audit

• Step-by-Step Sample Audit of Healthcare Company, Including Report Out and Action Plan

Who Will Benefit:

This is a must attend training for everybody involved in HR Auditing, including:

• Business Owners

• HR Managers

• HR Representatives

• HR Generalists

• HR Assistants

• Consultants

• Managers

• Supervisors

Learn More: Webinar On Avoid Workplace Litigation and NonCompliance Fines Conduct an HR Audit

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