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1 Million Cups San Diego BumfordStudio and Price Patrol

7/23/2014 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Barret Bumford

BumfordStudio is a design and video production company. The Rinsy is a side project that involved bringing a handmade design concept (The Rinsy) to market. The Rinsy is a redwood platform for rinsing the sand off one's feet after spending time at the beach.

Price Patrol

Vincent Marconi

Price Patrol monitors the live inventories of 20 million products from 300 major retailers and 250 thousand locations nationwide. Currently offered on web, Android and iPhone; the goal of Price Patrol is to save our users money on everything they buy, no matter where they are in the country. Its very simple to use, just search for an item you want to buy, we use the geo-position and search the live inventories of local retailers. This is great for finding a product for the cheapest price in a hurry, but what about if it is a big-ticket item and you are willing to wait and search for the price to drop as they regularly fluctuate? This is where Price Patrol truly shines……simply add the product to your RADAR, when adding an item users are asked the price point you are willing to pay and the distance you are willing to travel…..we then continue to monitor all the live inventories of stores near the user and ONLY send them a push notification when we have located what they want, within the desired price point and distance. 100% User generated notifications

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