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Leadership Involvement in Building a Safety Strategy

3/11/2014 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Why Should You Attend:

This webinar will provide attendees with information on how to develop an organizational strategy to address accidents, injuries, risk and loss. It will focus on the topics such as risk assessment, loss prevention and loss control, job safety analysis, employee behavior and engagement, safety culture, safety climate, and safety management systems.

It will discuss the specific elements in safety management plans that can be used by organizations to manage their risk and reduce losses. Risk will be discussed in general terms, but this session will be tailored to ensure participants learn how to create processes and practices that successfully reduce and control risk in their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

By attending this webinar participants will:

-Learn the elements of a safety plan

-Understand how an organization can evaluate and measure risk compared to loss

-Understand how an organization can engage in loss control and loss prevention

-Learn how to engage employees in the safety process

-Explore what a safety management system is and how to develop and implement one

-Review the concepts of safety climate and safety culture

-Extrapolate the methodologies to develop a comprehensive safety system

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

-Development of a risk assessment process

-How to quantify and qualify risk

-Concepts of loss prevention and loss control

-How to develop job safety analysis

-How to define and everyone's safety culture

-Role of management in safety

-How to engage employees in the safety process

-Metrics and measurements used to define success in safety

-Elements of a safety management system

Who Will Benefit:

-Chief Executive Officers

-Senior Vice-Presidents

-Operations Directors

-Members of the Board of Directors

-Vice Presidents of Operations

-Senior Level Managers

-Safety Coordinators

-Safety Managers

Instructor Profile:

Chris Goulart, has 20 years of experience as a practicing Safety Professional and 12 years specializing in Behavioral Safety, Organizational Safety, Safety Culture, and Systems Application Safety. Mr. Goulart is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), with a Masters in Safety Management from Oakland University (MI), an Associate in Risk Management (ARM), a Certified Driver Trainer (CDT), and a Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM).

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