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Energizing Health 2014 Boston || Healthcares Grand H@ckfest

3/14/2014 8:00 AM - 3/16/2014 5:00 PM

The Kauffman Foundation in collaboration with H@cking Medicine will be kicking off THE Hackathon of all hackathons come this March 14-16 at MIT’s Media Lab. Entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and healthcare professionals alike will apply and be selected to be part of this event, in which creative solutions and innovative breakthroughs will be designed and prototyped over the course of a weekend.

Focused on pioneering healthcare’s greatest innovations, this hackathon will be unlike any other in the past. For the first time ever, we will be partnering with industry’s leading organizations to accelerate breakthrough ideas developed over the course of the weekend into sustainable solutions to be piloted following the hackathon. With varied tracks (e.g. diabetes, telehealth and mobile health, hospital IT, rare disease, and global health technology), a host of the healthcare’s toughest pain points in certain selective areas will be better understood, analyzed, and reinvented. By joining together diverse minds alike in their interest for solving healthcare’s biggest challenges, the root of these problems will be diagnosed from multiple different perspectives and thus be able to be revolutionized.

More specifically, participants will rank their track choices on the application form. Participants will then have the opportunity to meet fellow teammates during an introductory mixer so as to dedicate all available hacking time Saturday and Sunday to identifying and working on a pain point for a particular area of concern in healthcare. During hacking time, teams will meet with relevant mentors within their track, who will give them valuable feedback and advice.

Sunday evening will conclude with a grand finale for each respective track, wherein teams will present the problem they choose to hack, their idea/prototype, and progress over the course of the weekend. A panel of judges specific to each track will evaluate teams and the winners of each track will be announced in the final closing ceremony to follow. Teams will then leave the weekend inspired, encouraged, and equipped with resources necessary to continue developing their solutions further.

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