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How Entrepreneurs Find Success in Industries They Know Little About

Ideas don't care about your industry expertise. Many times, ideas pop into our heads from all sorts of inspirations, and they rarely bother to discern whether we have the experience or training to bring them into reality.

on February 03, 2016
Where to Start: Funding from Family and Friends

Closing a round from a venture capital firm or a group of angel investors sounds a lot sexier than securing money from your mom and dad or from Uncle Tony, but often times, it can be just as effective in getting a company off the ground and running.

on January 25, 2016
How One Company Turned an E-Commerce Giant Into a Partner

Sometimes the race to become the best seems to be the only option for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. When first starting a company, it can seem there is only one option--eat or be eaten, but in this vibrant age of entrepreneurship, sometimes joining forces with a competitor can be as viable an option for success as anything else.

on January 19, 2016
How This Entrepreneur Implemented a 5-Hour Workday

The 8-hour workday was an innovative idea at its start. Back in the boom of the Industrial Revolution, workers could be expected to put in 10-16 hours a day (and that was a minimum). Soon, Henry Ford came along with his own theories about the American workplace, arriving at a theory to shorten the workday to eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. This completely changed the game during the early 1900s, giving workers more time for leisure and time spent outside the office. The problem now is, this is the last time we've really innovated on this construct.

on January 12, 2016
ICYMI: The Top Lessons of 2015

At Founders School, we believe knowledge increases your chances for success. And the repetition of such knowledge drives home its true meaning. So as the year winds down, we're taking a looking at the five most popular lessons this year, in case you missed them.

on December 15, 2015
The Toughest Questions Investors Ask

"Why should I or anyone else care?" This type of question from an investor can freeze a presentation in its tracks. There's no avoiding it. These things will happen whether you like it or not, but what you can do is be prepared.

on December 09, 2015
The Secret to Forecasting

When it comes to long-term forecasting, it's thoughtful to be right, but it's more right to be thoughtful.

on December 01, 2015
Five Steps to Handling Objections

It's too expensive. We've never heard of you guys. We're already set with our current system. No. Objections are unavoidable in an entrepreneur's life.

on November 17, 2015
Why Entrepreneurs Struggle Closing the Deal

It seems like a pretty easy question to ask. It's vitally important to the sales process, and yet, entrepreneurs struggle time and time again properly qualifying the people in front of them when trying to make a sale, close a deal or ignite a partnership.

on November 10, 2015
Working a Room: How to Sell, Not Tell

These days, meetups and networking events pop up on every street corner in every city. This is great for entrepreneurs who are encouraged to get out there, meet people and find new customers and fans. But how do you actually close a deal at one of these events?

on November 02, 2015