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Five Steps to Handling Objections

It's too expensive. We've never heard of you guys. We're already set with our current system. No. Objections are unavoidable in an entrepreneur's life.

on November 17, 2015
Why Entrepreneurs Struggle Closing the Deal

It seems like a pretty easy question to ask. It's vitally important to the sales process, and yet, entrepreneurs struggle time and time again properly qualifying the people in front of them when trying to make a sale, close a deal or ignite a partnership.

on November 10, 2015
Working a Room: How to Sell, Not Tell

These days, meetups and networking events pop up on every street corner in every city. This is great for entrepreneurs who are encouraged to get out there, meet people and find new customers and fans. But how do you actually close a deal at one of these events?

on November 02, 2015
A ‘How-to’ Guide to Intellectual Property Audits

When companies think about assets, intellectual property ranks high on the list of priorities. Still, the biggest questions can be what to protect and when to protect it.

on October 27, 2015
Strict Planning, Mission Focus Remain Imperative to Creating Viable Social Venture

When you're trying to achieve a social good and build a solid revenue base, things can become a bit overwhelming, but despite the dual focus, entrepreneurs still need to concentrate on the metrics that account for their viable business and as well as their bottom line.

on October 27, 2015
Building a Company Around Social Impact and a Viable Bottom Line

As the term and definition of a millennial continues to grow in society today, the generation becomes more and more associated with the need for a mission and a cause to stand behind. But can this propensity for a social cause combine with the desire to start a viable, sustainable company?

on October 23, 2015
How Three Entrepreneurs Determine Whether They're Winning or Losing

Revenue is not the end-all of metrics. This might sound foolish. When it comes to knowing if a business is succeeding or failing, most people assume revenue is the metric watch. And a most of the time, the bottom line is a good indicator of traction, conversion and growth. But when you're just starting out, there can be a variety of other metrics that can make you attune to whether your venture is budding or floundering.

on October 20, 2015
Twitter Chat Recap: Why Measuring Goals is Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

Starting with a random array of marketing tactics is never a good idea, no matter how free or exciting the tools are. Diving into marketing without understanding your niche in the market or where your competition stands in comparison could end up costing you greatly down the line.

on September 30, 2015
How to Market Your Startup

After you've worked countless hours fleshing out your idea, validating your market assumptions, and talking to your customers, it's time to launch your business. Your biggest focus now: How do I get the word out?

on September 22, 2015
Turning Customer Profiles Into Content Strategies

Before you even begin to think about marketing to your customers, you have to understand what they care about and what information will be interesting to them. Trying any tactics before this is irresponsible for your company.

on September 21, 2015