Business Model Canvas

The Kauffman Foundation, in collaboration with the founders of Strategyzer – the makers of the best-selling book Business Model Generation and the inventors of the breakthrough Business Model Canvas methodology – developed the animated, short videos to boost executives' and entrepreneurs' chances of success in their search for a scalable and profitable business model.

The video series teaches entrepreneurs how to go from having a business idea to pitching a validated business model and value proposition. You’ll learn about the Business Model Canvas: a tool that will help you design business models that have a competitive edge, leverage opportunities in your environment and test your ideas through experiments with customers.

Episode 6 - Telling Your Story

The ability to clearly communicate your ideas and vision is crucial in a corporate or startup venture. You need a convincing story to get investors excited and turn an idea into reality.

Episode 5 - Proving It

The earlier you test, the likelier you are to learn, improve, and get it right without wasting time on ideas that customers don't care about.

Episode 4 - Navigating Your Environment

You never create a value proposition or business model in a vacuum. Make strategic decisions based upon your environment's opportunities and threats.

Episode 3 - Prototyping

Don’t fall in love with your first ideas! Great business models emerge during the prototyping phase. In this video, you’ll learn how to quickly and cheaply design alternatives for your model.

Episode 2 - Visualizing Your Business Model

Get familiar with the Business Model Canvas, and learn how to visualize any company’s business model on this one-page tool.

Episode 1 - Getting from Business Idea to Business Model

Learn why great business ideas can only take off within a great business model. Your search for the right business model starts now!