Customer Acquisition and Archetypes

Now the question is, how do you acquire customers? Customer acquisition is the first part of the cycle of selling customers -- getting customers. Archetypes can help you figure out where to find them.

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    Once you've been thinking about the business model canvas and you think about value proposition and customer segment, you've been working on product market fit.  And so you know, you might have built something that customers kind of want.  But the real question is how do you acquire or get those customers to either your website or your physical store, or your company's retail location.  And that's the art of customer acquisition.  If you really think about it, customer acquisition is one piece of the life cycle of selling customers.  You want to get customers, keep customers and grow customers.  Customer acquisition is that front end of getting customers.  

    So how do you get customers?  Well, you might start by creating demand so they either come to your website or store.  And how do you create demand?  Well, you might use paid media like Google AdWords or Facebook ads, you might want to go on Tumblr, et cetera.  Or you might want to use free media, figuring how to get stories or give keynotes at conferences, et cetera.  In either case, you want people to go to where you are, you want to acquire them.  

    And once you acquire them, the next thing you want to do is somehow activate them.  Activation could be I got them to type in an email or got them to use a product or download a demo and/or maybe even buy the product immediately on the website.  And that all falls into again, getting customers, keeping customers and growing customers.