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Paraguay Thirsty for 21st Century Education

A nation with a growing economy at the heart of South America is struggling to translate economic progress into development for its mostly young population. Ahead of the GEC2 in Croatia next month which will examine how tech entrepreneurs can globally accelerate improvements in education, I look at the factors holding back Paraguay’s young population as agents of prosperity and sustained economic growth.

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Brazil’s Entrepreneurship Boom
by Jonathan Ortmans

Brazil is more than just the popular future host of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.  It is a very promising economy and the country of origin of many global challenger companies, such as Embraer, Marcopolo, and Natura. Economic analysts group the country with the most promising emerging markets, Russia, India and China, which together form the “BRIC countries.” Is entrepreneurship responsible for part of Brazil’s economic development? A look at some of the trends in entrepreneurship in Brazil suggests so, and the country’s efforts to boost its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship promise to sustain its growth in the coming years.

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America’s Organic Startup Culture
by Jonathan Ortmans

Having focused last month on efforts to further entrepreneurship abroad leading up to the global Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, this week I wanted to focus squarely on the United States ahead of next month's Global Entrepreneurship Week Partners Forum convened at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City.  Who are some of the leading players in 2010 driving America's startup culture and how does Global Entrepreneurship Week each November enable them to combine voices in underscoring to the American people how entrepreneurs built America?

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Not So Average “Joe” Supermarket

Trader Joe's has grown popular among Americans, ranking 23rd on a list of top North American food retailers with nearly $6.5 billion in annual revenues and over 300 stores across the country. This unique “neighborhood” grocery store chain, offering an array of fresh, organic, gourmet food products, has changed the American supermarket panorama.

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