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Playing an International Game
Hays Todd
Article Resource

Specialization led to market domination for this manufacturer of videogame accessories. To improve his company's overseas sales, he's reviewing marketing strategies and listening to local managers. Coordinating packing, shipping and back-office functions with its acquirer is also helping the business expand.

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Rebooting the life science industry AND finding a better ROI for taxpayer dollars
Lesa Mitchell

Video from the Translation Medicine Alliance Forum now available

A convening of university scientist, former and current industry leaders, philanthropy, and government yielded deep-dive discussions regarding obstacles that must be immediately overcome if we are going to maintain and grow an industry that is a significant part of America’s GDP. Watch videos from the recent Translational Medicine Alliance Forum (TMAF) to understand the complexity of the problems and that leadership from all sectors MUST act to make changes to a broken system.

Taxpayer-funded research is not being advanced to market. The TMAF discussions presented in the videos address what we can do to make changes in the system, catalyze an industry, create jobs, and, most importantly, provide cures for patients.

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Research Engineer and Marketing Expert Helps Inventors Transfer Technology
White W Herbert Jr
Article Resource

Herb White's skill at evaluating new businesses and products has helped many companies. Most of his advice is donated, because he enjoys helping and hates seeing good ideas stuck on a shelf.

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Research Lens on Understanding Entrepreneurial Firms
Eisenhardt Kathleen M
Audio Resource

Kathy Eisenhardt, co-director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program and professor in Management Science and Engineering, shares results from her research regarding successful ventures, addressing fundamental issues such as team building, market creation and financing.

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Revisiting a School of Military Government: How Reanimating a World War II-Era Institution Could Professionalize Military Nation Building
Patterson Rebecca
File Resource

In the last decade, the United States has found itself fully immersed in nation building, despite its alleged distaste for such endeavors. U.S. military forces in particular have been at the center of these efforts, building schools in Iraq, staffing Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) throughout Afghanistan and training soldiers in Mozambique. U.S. Army platoon leaders hand out micro grants to small business owners and help stand up city councils. Civil servants who once trained for peacetime development work now find themselves mediating tribal disputes in remote mountain provinces. Regardless of the efficacy of such efforts, public statements by both President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggest that nation building and related activities are preferred solutions in the war against terrorism. Yet despite the enormous complexity and ambition of such efforts, there remains a gap in the training and education for nation building.

Sample Board Meeting Minutes

Effectively tracking the who, what, where, when, and why of board decision-making in a concise, informative way is imperative, especially for a newly funded venture. This brief blog discussion is followed by an easy-to-use template for recording board minutes in a formal, logical fashion.

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Science-based startups to benefit from new National Science Foundation program
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Scientific researchers -- and their ideas -- will benefit from a new National Science Foundation effort to bring innovative ideas to market. The NSF Innovation Corps will fund 100 projects a year.

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Seed money going to two healthcare projects at N.C. State
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

Innovations receiving funding at North Carolina State University include two projects with healthcare applications: work on a new Salmonella vaccine and wound-healing bandages.

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Selecting Software that Fits Your Business
Harrell Catherine
Article Resource

Making a poor choice in selecting business software for your company can lead to inefficiencies and costly errors. This article offers key points entrepreneurs should consider to make the right software selection at the start.

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Seven Steps to Effective Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmarking your firm's performance against the performance of others is essential to creating and following a strategic plan. The seven steps listed here from a professional competitive intelligence service will smooth the way to an improved ROI.

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