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Seven Steps to Effective Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmarking your firm's performance against the performance of others is essential to creating and following a strategic plan. The seven steps listed here from a professional competitive intelligence service will smooth the way to an improved ROI.

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Small business growth by color and category
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Growing your healthcare business can be done by paying attention to four categories, according to a finance professor's book of advice. Read more about how the categories, or colors, can be used to form a growth strategy.

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Startups: How to Build Something People Will Buy
Wendy Torrance
Blog Resource

"No business plan survives first contact with customers," Steve Blank says. What? Isn't the point of planning that you maximize the likelihood of success in the marketplace? Well yes, but perhaps not the kind of planning you might be thinking about. A business plan conceived on paper, powered by a great idea or invention, enhanced by research on the size of the market and a customer profile, has great potential. But it also has a crucial flaw.

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State of Entrepreneurship Address: All of the Above
Thom Ruhe
Blog Resource

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about President Obama's State of the Union Speech. I observed that entrepreneurial vision was lacking and I wish he had used the occasion to revive bipartisan support for an entrepreneurial agenda that could have given both parties things to support.

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Strategy Achieves the Vision
Article Resource

Read about a common denominator among successful entrerpreneurs--having the ability to think strategically and make critical decisions about the future direction of their business.

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Survival of the Fittest
Roner Valencia
Article Resource

An entrepreneurial company in its second year confronts challenges more

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TRND Roadshow
McKew John
VideoSeries Resource

John McKew PhD, Chief, Therapeutics Development Branch, Division of Preclinical Innovation Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases (TRND) May 22, 2012, hosted by the Kauffman Foundation

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The Art of Projections in a Dotcom 2.0 World

Facing facts and forgetting fantasies are vital to accurate forecasting for startups seeking outside investment. This highly practical blog entry provides eleven helpful tips for doing forecasts realistically and presenting them in ways that investors understand and appreciate.

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The Case for Executive Metrics at Mature Companies
Babinec Martin
Article Resource

A system for measuring each executive's contributions must be instituted as a company matures to avoid issues that could impair agility: complacency, departmental infighting and staying too long on the job, says the founder of a human-resources consultancy.

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The Customer Experience Methodology

Going straight to customers and understanding their life experiences is key to structuring Web sites that meet your marketing objectives. The Customer Experience Methodology identifies unmet needs of online customers and outlines improvements for generating measurable results.

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