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Share Wealth by Giving Shares
Bock William
Article Resource

When every start-up you're involved in grows quickly and you're working all the time, how do you manage to squeeze in philanthropic activity? Searching for a way to support his community, a company president got together with other successful business owners to establish the Austin Entrepreneurs Foundation. They endowed it the same way they rewarded employees, consultants and investors: with equity. And, as a result of their business success, the AEF now has plenty of options.

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Netpreneurs: A New Breed of Entrepreneur
Morino Mario
Article Resource

Netpreneurs--entrepreneurs who are building Internet-related businesses--are a breed apart, argues the writer. In building a new economy with vastly different attributes, these business owners must react quickly, adapt deftly, and zero in on specialties, or "niches," conducive to online commerce, says the author, who founded a software company in the 1970s and, more recently, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities take advantage of the Internet.

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Creating Personal Wealth Through Entrepreneurship
Stowers James E Jr
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs hoping to preserve wealth may want to avoid selling big stakes in their businesses to raise capital. The founder of a major mutual-funds company built his net worth by selling preferred, rather than common, stock.

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Unleash the Power of the National Media
Dye Dan
Article Resource

Three dogs, two guys, and one 59-cent biscuit cutter add up to powerful national public relations: A high-brow bakery for dogs becomes the toast of prestigious publications and broadcast outlets (The Wall Street Journal, the cover of Forbes, People magazine and The Oprah Winfrey Show). In this engaging article, its co-founder serves up tips that are as tough as the business is winsome for your doing the same. Among the suggestions: massage that rookie from the local weekly.

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Mentoring Is for Entrepreneurs, Too
Helzberg Barnett Jr
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs should cultivate relationships with outsiders who can offer support and advice, even though "mentoring," as it's often called, is typically considered an instrument of corporate career-building. In this insightful article by an entrepreneur who founded a non-profit organization to pair owners of young companies with seasoned business owners, the author advises entrepreneurs to seek help from peers as well as superiors and from several outsiders rather than a single guru.

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Creating Entrepreneurial Employee Ownership at SAIC
Beyster J Robert
Article Resource

Founder Bob Beyster describes his highly successful approach to recruiting, retaining, and rewarding top performers--a culture of employee ownership. This is a core strategy for growing SAIC, an entrepreneurial, employee-owned, high-technology corporation.

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