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Lessons From Failure: Borrowing Tools From Your Neighbors
Diana Kander
Blog Resource

Adam Berk had a vision of creating an online library where neighbors could borrow tools and electronics from one another. Why buy a fancy camera you only needed to use once for a big trip? Why invest the money in physical tools for a home remodeling project if you are never going to need them again? Adam and his best friend Dave spent 5 years creating this utopian community, neighborrow, powered by a new form of currency. Their business model was to eventually white label the product and sell it to large apartment buildings and others who wanted to facilitate a borrowing community. But they never achieved their vision. 

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Lessons from the Electric Roadster
Eberhard Martin
Audio Resource

Martin Eberhard is the Co-Founder, President of Technology and former CEO of Tesla Motors, a company that produces the Tesla Roadster, a battery-powered electric sports car. Eberhard discusses his inspiring journey of diverse experiences in building Tesla Motors. He describes the lessons he learned: from the realization of doing something meaningful to thinking an idea through and aggressively following all leads. Tesla Motors which started with two employees is now more than 250 employees strong.

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Liberty, Security, Responsibility
McGeoy Michele
Article Resource

After selling her first company, a newly wealthy software entrepreneur felt that writing checks to charity wasn't enough. So, she set up a nonprofit that runs a business employing disadvantaged young people. Then she joined an organization advocating economic fairness in society. Now she's providing for her daughter's education and learning about investment strategies.

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Making Cakes to Hire People
Walls Julius
Article Resource

Julius Walls has the priviledge of leading a company that exists to give back.

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Making Work/Life Balance Work in Your Entrepreneurial Company
Hawkins BJ PhD
Article Resource

How do you know when it's time for life after entrepreneurship? Selling the most important asset in your life - the one you've poured heart and soul into - shouldn't be tied to the day Social Security kicks in. It should be a process started three to five years before the final event, as the planning for life after entrepreneurship is equally as important as your first business plan.

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Managing Your Company's Approach to Work and Life Issues

As an entrepreneurial company grows and adds layers of management, it can and should consider policies that address work and family issues or risk inconsistency across departments, writes the founder of a human-resources services firm.

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Mentoring Is for Entrepreneurs, Too
Helzberg Barnett Jr
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs should cultivate relationships with outsiders who can offer support and advice, even though "mentoring," as it's often called, is typically considered an instrument of corporate career-building. In this insightful article by an entrepreneur who founded a non-profit organization to pair owners of young companies with seasoned business owners, the author advises entrepreneurs to seek help from peers as well as superiors and from several outsiders rather than a single guru.

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Mentoring Secrets for Women
Farris Denise
Article Resource

A helping hand from a beloved family member gave this author a gift more precious than a paycheck: the time and attention she needed to rebuild her career -- and her belief in herself.

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Minister of Tea Makes a Life as Teacher, Writer, and Philanthropist
Rubin Ron
Article Resource

Ron Rubin's profession is tea, but he is also steeped in giving back to student entrepreneurs.

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Navigating Entrepreneurial Peer-to-Peer Organizations
Sherman Andrew J
Article Resource

Many founders have cited the importance of access to mentoring and coaching that the peer-to-peer organizations, as well as industry groups, Chambers of Commerce, and trade associations, have provided for them.

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