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Ask the VC: How Do You Calculate Operating Cash Flow?

This brief, to-the-point VC blog entry explains why investors often consider operating cash flow as the best measure of business health. The piece also explains one way for entrepreneurs to calculate it with investors in mind.

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Assessing Industry Potential
Article Resource

When evaluating industry potential, key considerations include its current size and rate of growth as well as profitability characteristics and trends.

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Attracting the Next Generation
George Bill
Article Resource

America finds itself confronting a host of problems - from environmental crises to reform on Wall Street, Congress has no shortage of pressing issues to tackle.

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Automotive Industry Statistics

Motor and Automobile Industry Trade Data

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Avoid broad target markets
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Avoid common mistakes with these 6 negotiating tips
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Avoiding Self-Destruction by Outsourcing Information Destruction
Barry Ray
Article Resource

Before selling to Cintas in 2006, Shred First, the company Ray Barry helped start, had grown into the largest independently owned shredding business in the country. Here, he explains why, from a legal and competitive perspective, a seemingly "non-critical" function like document security is actually a critical function and why outsourcing document destruction to a reputable company is the most secure, efficient, and economical solution.

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Awarding the Contract - RFP process

Responses to your RFPs have come in and now you have to decide who wins. This article provides specific guidelines on setting up an objective review system that increases the odds of choosing the best bid for your project and for your company.

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Babson Breeds New Business, Learning and Community Spirit
Rein Shaun
Article Resource

First-year undergrads at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. have come up with 16 new businesses as part of a management and entrepreneurship course.  Each team was made up of approximately 30 students and the businesses vary from imitation sunglasses to wireless mice with 1GB USB storage to an accessory locating gadget.

The class, Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship is a seven-credit, year-long focus on the world of business where student teams invent, develop, launch, manage and liquidate a business. Students study entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, organizational behavior, information systems and operations. Babson provides up to $3,000 as startup money for these student endeavors and the businesses will run throughout the spring semester. Any profits are donated to a local community service agency of the team’s choice.

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Baby Boom Generation is Driving an Entrepreneurial Boom Toward Economic Growth

Economists know that entrepreneurship will drive the economy back to health, but many people may be surprised to learn that the baby boom generation is behind the wheel, according to a new study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

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