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The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration
Dorsey Jack
Audio Resource

Square and Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey is an entrepreneur driven by an innate curiosity to create amazing products and services. In this insightful lecture, Dorsey describes his early background and inspirations, the current focuses he keeps as a CEO, and his desire to create memorable experiences and solve problems.

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The Physics of Startups
Agassi Shai
Audio Resource

Shai Agassi discusses his entrepreneurial journey from the enterprise software industry to his current work in clean energy. In the process, he describes the "physics of startups", drawing parallels between principles of business and the laws of physics. He emphasizes the importance of acting on an idea before it's adopted by the mainstream and navigating the inevitable uncertainties that can result in success or failure.

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The Perfect Storm in MedTech
Makower Josh
Audio Resource

Josh Makower, CEO of ExploraMed, speaks briefly about his experience working in medicine and technology. Dr. Makower also discusses at length the numerous political, financial, and regulatory hurdles against future medical innovation, and calls for audience involvement in the tangled web of healthcare, patents, and insurance reimbursement.

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The Passion for Greatness

What's been the key to your success? Luck, you say? No way. More likely it's been consistent focus, demanding practice, and whole lot of hard work. The lesson here: The best get better by practicing longer than their competitors and with a deliberate purpose to learn every time.

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The Passion and Perseverance Behind a Start-up
Liemandt Joe
Audio Resource

Joe Liemandt, founder, President and CEO of Trilogy, describes the passion and perseverance it took to take his enterprise software company from a five-person start-up to a global industry leader.

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The Next Crop: Grade-School Entrepreneurs
Coster Helen
Article Resource

Some world-beaters start young. And they're thinking about more than lemonade stands.

In 1996 Apple celebrated its 20th anniversary, Mark Zuckerberg was in junior high and Jacob Cook--who owns a computer support company--was born.

No, your math is right: Cook is all of 13 years old.

Cook, who lives in Sacramento, Calif., has been an entrepreneur for three years. At age 10 he started buying books and other "low-end stuff" at garage sales and re-selling it on eBay. As he learned more about computers, he started creating video tutorials about fixing tech problems and broadcasting them on YouTube. After he was profiled in a local newspaper, people started contacting him with their own troubleshooting requests. Today he charges up to $30 an hour to help clients erase computer viruses and fix other problems.

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The New Frontier in Gaming
Earl Nick
Audio Resource

Nick Earl, Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts shares his thoughts on the future of the gaming market. He discusses the changing global market space, the latest generation of consoles, mobile game distribution, user generated content, social networks and EA's strategy in the online gaming space.

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The Most Profitable Small Businesses
Nelson Brett Farrell Maureen
Article Resource

Based on 300,000 companies, most with annual sales under $10 million. One takeaway: Specialization pays off.

Spiking sales might make for good cocktail conversation, but if you don't turn a profit--and keep turning one--you won't be in business very long. With the help of Sageworks, a Raleigh, N.C.-based accounting consultancy and private-company data provider, Forbes assembled a list of the 20 most profitable businesses, on a pretax basis, that aspiring entrepreneurs might launch. At No. 1: offices of Certified Public Accountants, with an average pretax margin of 17.1%. Wired communication carriers (transmission-line operators and the like), which clock an average 10.1% margin, brought up the rear.

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The Marketing Map
File Resource

This tool and sample provides a systematic way to expand a marketing strategy into specific tactics and activities for implementation.

The Lost Word on the Economy
Ruhe Thom
Blog Resource

While pundits, columnists, economists, and policy makers climb over mountains of financial data, looking for signs of recovery and politically convenient scapegoats upon which we can turn a distracting public focus of populist rage and class warfare, there is a quiet but steady vibration...

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