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Venture capital investment by corporations down in first quarter
Parmar Arundhati
Blog Resource

Venture capital investment by corporations in the healthcare sector fell in the first quarter, but that may improve since the Affordable Care Act was upheld. Read more about investments in the healthcare sector.

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Venture capital firm Hatteras to invest up to $30 million in seed-stage opportunities
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

Hatteras Venture Partners, a venture capital firm, will invest $20 million to $30 million in helping companies through first-in-man and preclinical studies. The firm expects to invest in 10 to 15 companies in the healthcare business.

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Venture capital deals drop for life sciences sector in second quarter
Parmar Arundhati
Blog Resource

Venture capital funding declined in the second quarter for the life sciences sector. Read more about how medical device startups and biotech companies fared.

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Venture capital climate in RTP improving
Vinluan Frank
Blog Resource

The venture capital climate improved in RTP in the first quarter, but biotech companies are still competing for dollars. Several RTP companies saw venture capital investment for development of pharmaceutical products and medical technologies. Read more to learn about the venture capital climate.

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Venture capital alternatives for a healthcare business
Blog Resource
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Venture Presentation Worksheet
File Resource

This tool will help you develop and practice giving a compelling venture presentation.

Venture Capitalist's Success Using Social Media

San Francisco-based VC, Pascal Levensohn, discusses his use of blogging to establish a connection with entrepreneurs starting new businesses by sharing more than just best practices for venture backed companies. The spiritual and philosophical nature of his blog has created an affinity with his audience and a substantial impact on his business.

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Venture Capital Danger: Angels and Thunder Lizards Ahead
Rosenbaum Steve
Article Resource

You may find this hard to believe, but there's some evidence that venture capital is facing the same kinds of threats that the big music labels found themselves struggling with just a few years ago.

It seems that VC's, and the things they bring to entrepreneurs, just aren't as important as they once were. And there is new competition making it harder to build and run a successful VC firm.

Who's raising the alarm about the future of venture? Well, it seems, the venture capitalists themselves.

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Vendor Management Tips: Building Relationships

Highly informative and practical, this article provides tips from IT managers on managing vendor relationships but can be useful to all any manager. Example: Focus on value and ask the vendors to demonstrate that they can deliver.

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Valuing a Business

This tool addresses the three general approaches to determining fair market value in a company: the income approach, the asset approach and the market approach.

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