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Breaking into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide

This all-inclusive Trade Guide, created by the U.S. Small Business Administration and AT&T, is a must-read if you are considering a global sales strategy.

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Bringing Experience to the Board
Marion Vicki
Article Resource

This serial entrepreneur shares the story of how she came to understand the importance of recruiting experienced entrepreneurs to her board of directors. In one instance a new director advised her to hold off accepting an offer for her company, enabling the company to grow and gain value for potential sale later.

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Bringing an Innovative Razor to the Masses
Meece Mickey
Article Resource

L.P.I. Consumer Products makes and distributes patented ShaveMate all-in-one razors that feature shaving cream dispensed from the handle.

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Buck Knives Goes Lean(er) for Growth
Buck Charles B CJ
Article Resource

As Buck Knives, Inc., celebrated a century in business, it also faced a cash crunch that was putting it out of business. CEO CJ Buck shares how his team took dramatic action (including moving the company from Southern California to northern Idaho) to fend off high-quality global competitors and to turn the historic and highly regarded company around with its own version of the Toyota Production System (TPS).

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Buddy System

This brief but insightful article offers five guidelines to help decide if an alliance would help your company, as well as someone else's. Partnering can provide immediate access to technology, distribution, and other infrastructure without the time and expense of in-house development.

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Budgeting Strategies
Article Resource

Budgeting, forecasting, and projecting mean fundamentally the same thing--estimating future amounts based on information you already know.

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Building An Online Brand For Your Startup
Amanda Schnieders
Blog Resource

Strategic words are out. Personal search is in. This week, the Kauffman Foundation held a seminar on "Online Branding for Startups" with help from Mark Traphagen of Virante, a SEO marketing firm out of Durham, N.C. I learned a number of things in the hours we discussed branding with entrepreneurs and Kauffman associates, but here are my top four takeaways.

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Building Products & Construction Statistics

Trade Data on Construction and Building Industry

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Building Trust In Entrepreneurial Outsourced Relationships
Valluru Hari K Vallurupalli Kiran
Article Resource

The founders of a provider of outsourced information technology services advise that entrepreneurial companies maximize trust with vendors.

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Building Your Brand

This tool helps you develop the intangible aspects of your company's brand--a collection of feelings and perceptions about quality, image, lifestyle and status.

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