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Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreement
File Resource

This tool is a sample legal agreement covering terms for confidentiality and invention assignment, including non-competition and power of attorney rules.

Connecting Common Experiences
Berjikly Armen
Audio Resource

Armen Berjikly, the Founder and CEO of The Experience Project, and Julio Vasconcellos, VP of Business Development discuss their experience of building a technology start-up that unites people who can improve each other's lives. Berjikly discusses how he built his new venture from fund raising to establishing the company infrastructure. He talks about the importance of hiring the right people to work in a start-up and illustrates the key role of a "Mentor Capitalist" in the journey of an entrepreneur. Berjikly also describes the financial and psychological challenges an entrepreneur faces while building a company.

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Consider the Limited Liability Company for Corporate Formation
Roberts Barry S Mann Richard A
Article Resource

A business enterprise may be operated as a sole proprietorship, an unincorporated business association, or a corporation. In determining the form of business organization that an individual should enter into, consider alternative forms of business organizations, particularly LLCs.

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Considerations for Founders

Many companies go under because of failure of the relationships among the team members. Teams often launch firms without talking about what they want to get out of the venture. This article shows how company founders can better structure their top team relationships to prevent problems down the road.

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Considering Debt Capital
Wand Chris
Article Resource

Taking on debt can be healthy for a company's cash flow and sustainability, according to the author, who notes that the keys lie in ensuring debt is taken on for strategic purposes and that the company is ready to manage this important new relationship.

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Constructing a Money Tree
Smith Rebecca
Article Resource

Real estate and insurance are cornerstones of a construction company founder's strategy for building and protecting both business assets and personal wealth. With the help of a financial advisor, she's sustaining her vision of leadership: to understand value, share profits and give back to the community.

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Consumer Goods Statistics

Trade Data on Consumer Goods Industries

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Containing the Cost of Health Insurance Benefits
Brouse Mark
Article Resource

The decision to offer employee health benefits is tough for any business owner. In approaching the issue, the first question an entrepreneur should ask is where health benefits fit into the culture of the organization. The answer largely depends on the kind of bond the entrepreneur wants to create between the company and its employees.

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Contracting Opportunities: Office of the Procurement Executive, U.S. Department of State

Providing management direction and Department-wide leadership and expertise in the areas of acquisition and federal assistance to ensure the timely delivery of quality goods and services that directly results in creating a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the international community. Creating and implementing strategies to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness of the contracting and grant making processes through Department-wide leadership in the areas of policy development, training, and support. Integrating technology, highly-experienced acquisition staff, and best business practices to offer mission-oriented and cost-effective risk management in the Department’s business areas of acquisition and federal assistance. Promoting partnerships with contractors, federal assistance recipients, and the general public by ensuring the transparency of State Department’s procurement processes while maintaining the highest level of public trust, integrity, ethical standards, and compliance with Federal and State Department procurement regulations and policies. Fostering innovation in the administration of these functions by collaborating with Department staff and the general public to explore new directions in Federal Government and Department procurement and federal assistance policies and procedures.

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Controlling Prescription Drug Benefit Costs
OKeefe Larkin
Article Resource

For entrepreneurs running growth companies, one major challenge is providing affordable health care coverage for employees. Most important, costs continue to rise for many key prescription drugs. This article provides practical strategies entrepreneurs can use to provide prescription drug coverage for their teams and help lower their companies' overall health care costs.

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