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Workforce Development Redefined
Thom Ruhe
Blog Resource

When I say the phrase “workforce development” chances are a certain image is conjured in your mind. Maybe you think of tradesmen positions, like carpenters, electricians, plumbers and masons. Maybe you think vocational training programs offered by community colleges. Regardless of what your mind has been trained to conclude based on that phrase, workforce development has never been more important than it is today. But it’s not enough—on its own or simply as it is.

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Work-life balance

This blog entry by a Chief Happiness Officer tackles an important topic from the European point of view. It's a useful reminder that not all of your employees are as zealous about your vision as you or your senior executives. Some will perform better if you keep that in mind.

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Work Force Innovations 2008

Workforce Innovations 2008

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Wood and Nickels: Cashing In On Good Relationships
Grasmick Louis
Article Resource

Managing cash flow can be tricky, but building strong relationships with everyone involved in your business can make that task easier. The Founder of the Louis J. Grasmick Lumber Co. has discovered that managing revenue becomes easier when you have a loyal customer base and carefully selected accounts. He shares his view on creating revenue through emphasizing the importantce of strong relationships.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Our Nation's Untapped Economic Potential
Ruhe Thom
Blog Resource

Last week, the Kauffman Foundation released "Overcoming the Gender Gap: Women Entrepreneurs as Economic Drivers." This white paper looks at the potential of women entrepreneurs to grow our economy.

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Winning with an Occupational Health Provider
Schilling Don
Article Resource

This author and CEO touts the benefits an entrepreneur can get from pairing up with an occupational health provider when looking to improve the safety and health of their employees. Whether its drug testing, health and wellness programs, regulatory standards, or safety issues, an occupational health provider seeks for ways to improve the workplace.

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Will VCs really stop funding startups?
Cook Jon
Article Resource

If the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes is passed there will be a lot of unhappy venture capitalists, who say they may stop investing in startups.

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Wild and Crazy Guys: How Entrepreneurs Build Culture
Smilor Ray
Article Resource

Entrepreneurs can create a company culture that reflects their values and motivates employees by experimenting with unusual events and activities in the workplace. Here are some ideas to jump-start your thinking.

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Why startups have to pitch attorneys like investors (video)
Chris Seper
Blog Resource

Startups are not just a risk for investors. They are also a risk for the attorneys and other service providers that choose to work with them. That's because there's no guarantee an early-stage company will be around to pay a law firm for all the work it's done - let alone become a long-term customer.

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Why should some medical cities be happy about Occupy Wall Street?
Seper Chris
Blog Resource

New healthcare businesses in some medical cities may benefit from the Occupy Wall Street movement. Read more about how cities in areas without state incentives for investment could be better off in the near future.

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