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A Vision Beyond Virtual
Bourland Andy Handley Ann
Article Resource

Two hardworking entrepreneurs start an online publishing venture as a virtual company. They think they can communicate because they're wired. So, why are they always meeting at the local coffee shop? Profitable but inefficient, their business needs office space in order to grow beyond the launch phase--and, like parents, the founders have to get out of its way.

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A World United by Entrepreneurship
Ruhe Thom
Blog Resource

For one week the world unites, across borders and languages, to celebrate entrepreneurs and innovators...to celebrate the world’s job creators.

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A financial model that attracts investors
Levesque Jane
Blog Resource

Attracting life science investors and keeping their interest requires being able to show them what it costs to run your business. Read more for tips on what should be in your financial model.

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A hands-free vision for healthcare
Nicola Parry
Blog Resource

As the final hours ticked away at Healthcare's Grand Hackfest: Idea to Breakthrough Innovation in One Weekend, teams huddled together in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory, continuing to brainstorm on their design and prototype innovative breakthroughs from the last few days.

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A lesson on funding cycles
OConnell Brian
Blog Resource

Can "boom and bust" cycles exist in the venture funding market? You bet they can. And recent data from the chemical sector is a great example of how and why.

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A medtech startup owner's must-have traits
Siegel Amy
Blog Resource

Owners of medical device startups who have certain traits may have more success than others. Here is a list of the successful medtech CEO's needed traits.

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ABC: An Introduction to ERP

This in-depth piece offers all the basics of Enterprise Resource Planning in a straightforward, no-nonsense way. It will be especially useful to owners of fast-growing organizations who need continuous efficiency improvement. ERP integrates all operations onto a single software platform and provides corporate-wide access. The main benefit is in order fulfillment.

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Academic Research on Small Businesses

Frequently asked questions about small business data.

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Accelerators help startups in many ways, but aren't great for venture capital returns, panel says
Glenn Brandon
Blog Resource

Accelerators provide lots of helpful things to startups, but don't really generate venture capital returns, according to a recent panel. Read more about the discussion.

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Accounting 101 for the first-time entrepreneur
Pogorelc Deanna
Blog Resource

First-time entrepreneurs can get professional advice from accountants in this video. Topics include accounting basics such as taxes, payroll and financial records.

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